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I have build the site to exhibit the four things that interest me the most.
1 – Photo referring to my free photo agency where you can use my photos if you just remember to refer to that I have the copyright on
2- I’ve got the age when they take an interest in ww1 and ww2. I’m trying to understand how it could happen to Europe’s inhabitants went to war with each other and that a regime like the Nazis could get a hold of Germany. How could it end up killing the disabled, Jews and others who could not live up to the sick Nazi attitudes.
3 – Robots that I think both going to give humanity many challenges and joys.
4 – Electronics can be used without being experts, for example. with the Arduino.
I try to write mostly in English, but there will also be a part which in Danish, for example. by Twitter.

Unfortunately I have refered to pages with Nazi sympathizers opinions, I am strongly condemn these. But it is important to see and hear the original old recordings, in order to understand the time spirit.




Den mobile dyrlæge til hest

Den mobile dyrlæge til hest

Den Mobile Dyrlæge på Fyn

Malene Müller

Andebøllevej 21 . DK-5492 Vissenbjerg . Tlf.: 23 93 94 23


Link til hjemmsiden denmobiledyrlaege


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